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What is busking?

Busking” is another word for “street performing”.

In basic terms, this is the act of entertaining people in public places in return for voluntary donations. This is a historical tradition that stretches back thousands of years, spans the globe and has many direct benefits for city life.

Unfortunately, our freedom to express ourselves in public is increasingly restricted as governments sell of our public land. We’re here to help protect these rights.

Mapping performers

Street performance is a diverse, historic and truly global phenomenon. In every major city on the planet you can find puppeteers, acrobats, jugglers, musicians of all disciplines, dancers, clowns, magicians, sword swallowers, painters, comedians, poets and storytellers of all ages and backgrounds. Use our map to discover your local busking hotspots, explore street scenes in other countries, plan your next busking tour, get in contact with buskers you’ve passed, and view our own documentary tour of 40 cities on 5 continents.

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17th July 2014
BUSKING FOR SMARTPHONES You walk around the corner on a busy street sprinkled with pedestrians and notice the familiar half-circle: an audience surrounding a busker. They horseshoe themselves while listening intently, one hand clutching a drink, the other holding a cell phone at...